This is Pi Day

Welcome! This is Pi Day is an independent web comic about fatherhood, running, video games, science, art, independence, integrity, imagination and just generally … family adventure. It is drawn and published from Edmonton, Canada.

The life of a dad is full of stories, and we’ve been banking geeky dad experiences for a decade. The result: a web comic… This is Pi Day is a little bit serious, a little bit autobiographical, and a little bit blueberry pastry stains on the front of your shirt. All of it is built upon a foundation of math, science and technology pop culture … and of course an irrational number of terribly punny dad jokes.

As the Girl would say, Pi Day is a day-long dad joke.


  • Dramatic Moments – Part 2

    This is Pi Day #303 – November 12, 2023

    Confidence is one thing, and having faith in our own abilities is something we likely all need to work on. It’s a fine line tho, isn’t it? We artists know that we’re all our own worst critics, but at the same time you gotta get out there and sell yourself, be brave and proud and assured that you’re as great as you think you are. So, really, who am I to question it, huh?