Blog: Too Soon? Not Soon Enough?

As of this weekend this web comic will be about four months old.

And while This is Pi Day is not “old” by most measurable standards, by the standard of “things I make that stick” it’s getting up into the realm of driving itself over the hump of that statistical bell curve into the realm of “above average.”

oh, the thanks …

Which of course means I have all sorts of people to thank. The folks on Facebook who have been sharing and liking my comics. The communities on Instagram & Twitter which grow daily and helps promote and comments and gives me more little hearts than these scribbles probably deserve. And, of course, all the people I know in real life who have been egging me on in this goofy endeavor.

Which all means, obviously, that a little web comic project is going to stretch a little longer than I’d ever anticipated when I dropped a few of my scribbles onto Facebook four months ago.

Consequently, I’ve needed to start thinking about things like, ummm…. say, winter…. which here in mid-Northern Canada will drop hard and cold just in time to ruin everyone’s Halloween costume and continue through until it’s time to plant my carrots in the spring. So… soon. Sooner than I would have liked considering I was sipping coffee on my sunny backyard deck in shorts a couple weeks ago.

by April the snow will actually be more of a brownish-grey …

Four months ago I had just a few doodles in my doodle library and most of those were of the same types of things…. none of them winter-based. No snow. No sleds. No shovels. No ice skates. Not a patch of icy sidewalk to be seen. In other words, my characters are going to either need to stay inside a whole lot for the next six months, or… I needed to draw some wintery clothing and scenes.

And, I liked my bike art, too.

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