Comic: Canada Day 150

This is Pi Day #009

In case you haven’t seen it mentioned on my Facebook group, my Twitter feed, or my Instagram wall, this comic is officially a “Product of Canada”

Yes, we have parents here too.

And comics.

And internet.

And this strip was not only published on Canada’s birthday, but on a BIG birthday, a milestone birthday. We’re one hundred and FIFTY today. Which I believe is the legal voting age of nations. Old. Out of that awkward pubescence of young countries, coming into our own in the world, moving out of our parents basement in a pan-Atlantic apologetic-brexit kind of way.

As this strip goes live (and since these blurbs and comics are now written weeks in advance, I’m assuming no catastrophic changes to that plan) I’ll be just finishing up a 15 kilometer Canada Day road race and then lining up for my free annual allocation of celebratory pancakes. (It’s like free health care but with more maple syrup.)

So, what I’m saying is, if you’re not from here, find someone who is and give them a classic Canadian Beaver Bump or buy them a Moose Knuckle Sandwich to show them that you care.

Happy Canada Day! And stay tuned: I’ve got big plans for the next 150…