Comic: Cooking Instructions (Part 1)

This is Pi Day #007

A father’s day comic on a fatherhood web comic.

Gasps of amazement surely echo through the millions of faces staring at this comic right now.

We do this thing where EVERY Saturday morning — so long as we have reasonable access to flour, eggs, chocolate chips and some sort of heat source — we make pancakes for breakfast.

WE do this so consistently and frequently that The Girl who is (almost) ten has memorized the recipe. I am setting a great foundation for her life and now that I write this I should have renamed the whole cartoon project into the “Saturday Chocolate Chip Pancake Experiment” or something of that ilk.

We also have a rule. If I wake up and start the cooking process, I decide how they are made. If she wakes up and starts cooking, she can add whatever she wants… say, extra chocolate chips or (more often than not) food colouring.

Oddly enough, pink pancakes are not a rare thing in our house.