Comic: Lost Youth

This is Pi Day #004

The thing about me that you need to know is that I run. In fact as this strip goes live I’m on a road trip to run a 150 km relay race in the middle of the night with a bunch of other crazy-ish running friends. It’s a big part of my personality. So this little comic strip dad is going to be a runner too.

In case you (a) don’t know us or (b) do know us and haven’t guessed, this whole cartoon strip is going to be based pretty solidly on us. It’s not us. But it’s like us enough that I pretty much just need to copy down my real life experiences into sketch form.

I’d always fashioned that the girl has some pretty weird ideas about my running. Her whole life I’ve been doing this routine, so I’m sure her head is filled with notions that I can never quite comprehend: but I do know she thinks it’s a little bit of me showing my kid-side.