Short: Shoelaces (Magpie Comics)

This is Pi Day : Magpie Bonus #005.1

I’m (not-so-secretly) fascinated by magpies. Super-smart birds. And I don’t think I’ve done an outdoor run in my city in years and NOT seen at least one of these birds standing off to the side. Watching. Plotting. So much so to the point I sometimes ponder that they might know more about the reasons that I run than I do. Or, they’re just everywhere. Who can say?

Maybe this will become a regular thing… or maybe it will not.

I had this idea to do some bonus one-panel strips mid-week (between my Saturday morning regular release schedule) and I’ve only really done this one (at the time of posting) so far. I don’t want to lose my focus on the main stuff by guaranteeing you’ll see a weekly bonus, but I can say that:

a) I’m pretty sure this will not be the last one (even if they are sporadic) and

b) they are going to be a little off-kilter, side-story (inasmuch as there is one) from the regular Saturday strips. Some sentient birds. Maybe some imaginary weird stuff. Think something like Spaceman Spiff kinda magical realism meets overactive imagination stuff.