Blog: Elbow Greased & Social Medias

There are not yet many followers of this comic project (a few but not many) but those of you who have been paying attention may have noticed that since I’ve given myself a healthy head-start on the art — I have comic strips banked until the end of the summer for every Saturday — I’ve turned my attention to my website and marketing.

Gagh! Dirty word. Marketing.

Yet, even –maybe especially– little unknown creators need to get the word out.

So I’ve not only set up a Twitter, an Instagram and a Facebook page, but I’ve set loose a few little PiBots to make sure that those feeds are regularly fed.

Additionally –and I’m not sure if it will take off or if it will just be me talking to myself– I installed a forum on this very site. “A forum,” you ask. “Isn’t that what websites used to have back in 1847 for the folks who gathered around their steam-powered thinking machines to convey messages about train schedules and Egyptian mummy mythology?”

To that, I’d reply… “Well… perhaps. But what is old is new and what is old is something free to install on this site that I can understand and what the hey… hey?” And of course you can use it to do all sorts of self-promotional things, like join up and talk about YOUR comic strip and encourage other people to go read it.

But I digress.

The tldr; of this post is that I finally spent some time tweaking my web presence under the vapid pretense of trying to earn myself an audience. So share and enjoy. I am.