This is Pi Day #011.b

If you’re ever captured in the wilderness, remember to ask: take me to your cedars…

I’ll likely avoid drawing comic strips about it –mostly because it is a weird and humorless quirk and little more– but I have a mild obsession with cast iron cookware. We made “the switch” — I write it like I’ve converting to a religion or something and it’s not a far off analogy– about a year and a half ago, and as an aspiring culinary cuisine-artist there is no going back.

The obsession pays off in the wilderness. No, not in the deep, deep woods when we backpack, but when we truck-camp, and can haul fifty pounds of seasoned iron to the lake and grill amazing food over the open fire.

The Girl thinks it’s hilarious: dad and his cast iron. But she doesn’t quite as much object to the meals, so I don’t have much patience for her mirth-making at my expense. Campfire waffles? First tell daddy how awesome his perfectly seasoned grill pan is…

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