Strip: This is Watching Movies (Part 1)

This is Pi Day #014.a

It’s a bit corny, but she’s got the best pop ever.

Being a bit of a pop culture nut myself, as a dad there has been a list of movies that have been on my list of must-shows… when The Girl is old enough, of course.

There is the whole rating thing, obviously, and then –more importantly– there is that part about simple comprehension. Appreciation of something awesome comes from understanding. If she won’t get it, why bother?

Age ten has been a bit of a magic number: still too young for most of the PG-13 fare, but old enough to “get” the more complex plots of some of those lower-rated 80s sci-fi classics and other cornball flicks. In other words, we’ve been working our way through a collection of classic cinema and loving every minute of it.

In recognition of those great films, a week of movie-themed comics. Enjoy.