Strip: This is Watching Movies (Part 2)

This is Pi Day #014.b

It belongs in a museum!

The Girl was quizzing me on my criteria for when I considered a movie available for her to watch. Y’know… like “how do you know when I’m old enough to watch [insert movie name here]  dad?”

“I just know.” I told her.

“But how?”

“Because when there is too much violence or swearing.  Or if there are a lot of naked people…”

“What’s wrong with naked people?”

“Umm… it’s not that there is anything… uh… wrong… but it’s usually that they are NOT JUST naked… they are… doing other things… y’know?”


*sigh* “I just KNOW …ok!”

“But how?” She insists.

“I look on the internet.” I blurt.

“Oh. Okay.” … and apparently that settled it.