Blog: This is Pi Day

A rainy weekend in May spawned a few hours in front of the Nintendo Switch playing Zelda, then a few more hours playing Mario Kart, then a few hours feeling guilty for not doing anything productive. The Girl continued playing but The Dad decided he would crack open a different screen and do something slightly more creative.

Thus, the Pi Day Comics were born.

Why Pi Day? Well, besides the fact that I recycled the domain name from another project, Pi Day has been a bit of a parenting totem for me for a long time: a little bit of math and science mashed up with a bit of tasty pastry blended in with a big scoop of eclectic celebrations. A little bit serious, but built up with on a foundation of an irrational number of bad dad jokes.

This is Pi Day. It is a little bit serious, a little bit autobiographical, and a little bit blueberry pastry stains on the front of your shirt.

So far I’ve drawn just four strips. Yet, life is full of stories, and I’ve been banking my dad experiences for a lot of years. They say write what you know. This is that, so hopefully it’s a while before I run out of steam.

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