Extended: Space Invaders

This is Pi Day #067.a – Bonus Extended Strip

I’ve been thinking a lot about my role as a dad, lately, and how it is becoming less about saying and doing, and more about being… setting an example, being a role model, and just choosing good behaviors that I want the kid to emulate.

This means I do less hands on parenting these days, and more introspective self-evaluation. I have a feeling this is going to manifest in the comic as conversations with magpies… well… maybe more than a feeling.

The Script

Dad: The kid had a big fight with her friend last week.

Magpie: That’s too bad.

Dad: It’s tough for anyone to find a balance, but kids have it particularly bad. They spend all day together at school, go to each other’s birthday parties, and they’re sending text messages all weekend.

Dad: But how do you explain that balance to a kid … how to be there at the right time…

Dad: … but not wear out your welcome. That everyone needs space, even yourself.

Magpie: Isn’t that what video games are for?

Dad: They play those together now too!

Magpie: Seriously? I would go nuts if I spent that much time with you.

Dad: I know, right.