New Year’s Fireworks

This is Pi Day #100

Now that the end of 2019 has arrived, I’m kicking off a brand new season of This is Pi Day. Call it a New Year’s Resolution: draw more!

If you’ve actually been paying attention and have wondered where I went, here’s the thing: the kid got older. She grew up a bit, darn it all! It was inevitable. It was destined. It was gonna happen whether I buried my head in the snow and pretended it wasn’t.

The first season of This is Pi Day was a couple things:

  1. It was a dad dabbling in a multi-panel cartooning format with the intention of telling some of those “look what kids do… haha!” stories to immortalize all those things everyone tells you as a parent to write down. I wrote them down, illustrated, and published.
  2. It was a guy mucking around in an artistically safe format, building off a template and a slowly growing library of art assets that made for efficient creation of comics but started to make me feel a bit stagnant as an artist.

The second season is going to flip that around. The kid is older, hitting her teens and less open to a dad poking (lovingly) fun at her foibles and folly. It’s going to focus on:

  1. A dad observing and coping with the changing nature of parenting as he switches from being the doting dad of a pre-teen to the “my daughter is now an interesting young woman” mode of parenting through teenagerhood.
  2. An artistic exercise, where I’ll be sketching in multiple media, styles and approaches a collection of art, animations, and other yet-unconsidered multi-modal styles to nurture my own creative self.

I hope you keep reading, sharing, and commenting!