Pi-a-Day: Milking It

This is Pi Day #068.a – March 03

I am not aMOOsed.

Teachable moments come in many forms. The teachable moment that spawned this particular joke came in the form of a not-so-funny joke… posted on Instagram. To be fair, a pretty bad joke posted on Instagram wouldn’t be so bad, but in the flutter of everything, the chaos of humour, it all overlapped into some school time and friend privacy and some bending of the strict social media behaviour rails that the Kid is subject to riding for a few more years…. and [fast-forward] we had a good chat about how to be better at being a well-mannered internet citizen.

And I cribbed the joke and turned it into a comic. #dadsPrivilege … primum risu

The Script

Dad: Yeah?

Kid: it’s a milk jug? there’s only milk in it?

Kid: why do they need to write that it has milk when the only thing in the whole jug is milk? it’s milk. just milk.  why do they have to tell me? it makes no sense.

Dad: I think there’s a law…

Kid: ugh! dad! you’re just supposed to laugh

Dad: Wait… were you trying to make a joke?