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A rainy weekend in May 2017 spawned a few hours in front of the Nintendo Switch playing Zelda… then a few more hours playing Mario Kart… then a few hours feeling guilty for not doing anything actually productive.

Occasionally I inspire myself to do something more interesting than that. Occasionally. Even more occasionally I get motivated to create something. And then once in a very rare while that motivation amounts to a finished product.

On this rare occasion, while The Girl continued playing, The Dad decided he would crack open a different screen and have one of those rare slightly more creative moments.

Thus, the Pi Day Comics were born.

Why Pi Day?

It almost makes sense now that I’ve been building it for a bit. So, besides the fact that I recycled the domain name from another project, I’d like to think of it like this: Pi Day has been a bit of a parenting totem for me for a long time. Pi Day. Normally a desert-based nerd celebration of March 14th… 3-14…. 3.14(15926… etc) It’s a little bit of math and science mashed up with a bit of tasty pastry blended in with a big scoop of eclectic celebrations and topped with the baddest dad joke around.

My job as a dad has turned out to be a lot of Pi Days rolled out across a decade of trying-too-hard fatherhood. A little bit serious, a little bit weird, a little bit not what I would have planned but deliciously fun at the same time, all built up on a foundation of an irrational number of bad dad jokes.

So this comic has a kind of Pi Day heart. It is a little bit serious, a little bit autobiographical, and a little bit blueberry pastry stains on the front of your shirt.

And More…

I used to tell people I was a dad blogger.

Things happened. The Girl got old enough to be a vulnerable human being. I decided open candidness was no longer an option. But part of me still wants to talk about being a dad… being a parent… struggling to get it right. Usually this comes in the form of trying to keep a poker face and a level head when blindsided by the unexpected things that The Girl says and does. Sometimes it’s more about consciously setting an example better than I might be inclined to do if everything I did wasn’t under the scrutiny of a pre-teen daughter.

I’d like to think I can write about this experience through a comic strip, a built-in layer of privacy cloaking our lives through the artistic license of a pair of mostly-anonymous characters acting out slightly exaggerated versions of this reality. I think. At least… I’m going to try. This may never become another dad blog, but it might become more than just parenting comic.

The Author… Artist… Your Host

Brad has been online since accidentally stumbling into a college computer lab while looking for a washroom but instead discovering a dozen computers glowing with the inviting hues of Netscape Navigator. That was 1995. Since then he’d launched dozens of web sites, created blogs, comics, podcasts, books, web applications, and more… and tried nearly everything that can legally be done online… except online dating. Who needs that when you’ve got a patient and supportive wife?

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