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Someone once told me some good creative advice:

Do what you love. Do it a lot. Then give it away no strings attached. The rest will follow.

There are a few ads on this site but there is no money being made: just my costs covered. It’s just me doing what I love and promoting the heck out of it in the raw hope you get some enjoyment from it. Reading it. Printing it out and hanging it on your office wall. Copying it to your feeds. Reading it aloud to your blind relatives. Share and enjoy… please!

If you share it, I of course appreciate some credit.

If you use it for something that somehow incidentally makes you money… well, maybe let me know what I’m doing wrong over here so we can both benefit from my work.

If you decide you want to use my stuff for your commercial business, send me a note and we can chat but otherwise please don’t.

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