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Comic: Parenting Dreams

This is Pi Day #066

Parenting… It’s the best job ever but it doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes wonder ….what if? A bonus #fatherhood #comic this morning because it’s cold outside (and it’s been cold outside for two weeks!) and I’ve got nothing else to do but draw and (apparently) feel sorry for myself as I ponder an alternate universe.

The Script

Dad: Do you ever feel like becoming a parent might not have been worth the cost?

Magpie: Cost?

Dad: Well, modern fatherhood? You are handed this job of raising a kid. It takes all your time and money. And then you emerge at the end old, tired and trying to figure out how you fit into the larger world again. I just wonder sometimes…

Magpie: Is this going to turn into another story about your long lost dream of becoming an adventuring archeology professor?

Dad: It could have happened!

Magpie: You fall asleep just watching a full Indiana Jones movie.

Dad: Like I said… old… tired… no time of my own…

Comic: Screens Unlimited

This is Pi Day #065

… and then you take a second and you realize that they’re chatting, gaming, writing, and coding together. Would I prefer that she was out kicking a ball around, skipping rope, or making a fort? Nah! … because at her age I was camped in front of a NES fighting over a controller with my pals.

The Script

Dad: Are you ready for the sleepover?

Kid: no … you need to add more time to my tablet

Dad: You have two hours on your daily time limit.  

Dad: Why do you need more? You’ll be with your friends.

Kid: and they’re all allowed more screen time than me!

Dad: My point is that you should just talk… play… make something together.

Kid: yeah i know!  that’s why i need my tablet

Blog: Passing Time

I don’t write much here, at least in “blog” format, but I thought I would jump in to explain my narrative struggles. 

If you’ve been reading along with me over the past couple years, you’ve noticed that the comics mark a very particular point in time in The Girl’s life. She was 9 when I started drawing This is Pi Day and when I set the mood, tone, blah-blah-blah… whatever.

That was almost two years ago.  And if you are a parent, know a parent, or have ever been a pre-teen, you’ll understand that age nine is very different from age eleven.  I also assume it’s equally different from age thirteen… and so on.

I honestly didn’t really think I’d still be drawing this thing two years on.  So… in other words, The Girl was loosely designed as this static, un-aging, forever-nine-year-old kid. As these things go, time passes, and I find myself with a comic about a nine year old kid and no nine year old kid in my life to act as a muse.

This leaves me with a choice. Either I figure out how to draw a perpetual comic about a nine-year-old and This is Pi Day becomes a comic based in idealized memories.  Or I figure out how to shift the tone, shape, design, and essentially most everything about the comic to age along side The Girl.

In other words, if you’re wondering where all the comics have been for the last couple weeks… that’s where…. in the void of waiting for inspiration.

If you have any advice, or want to comment, the phone lines are open. And by phone lines I mean the comment box below this post.