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Comic: Shelf Awareness

This is Pi Day #069 – March 09

I wanted to spend the afternoon at the library but they were booked.

I get a kick of how literal she is sometimes. Literal? Literal and literary.

At the risk of turning this into a daddy blog, I will say that as I try to figure out my actual role in the multi-year scenario that is being a dad to a freshly minted pre-teen, I am finding it is less about the “simple rules for my daughter” and more about how I adjust my own life to set an example. The kid has eyes. So many eyes. Everything I do is being watched and questioned and reflected back at me.

So as much as she’s a literal kid, she is also a literary one I guess. But largely because I am. Well.. literary. Not a kid. You know what I meant, right? I hope.

Comic: Ski Bums Part 4

This is Pi Day #068 – March 02

The Script

Dad: The weather sure is great for some cross-country skiing.

Kid: i guess

Dad: C’mon. We both need the fresh air.  We’ve been stuck indoors for weeks. We’ll just go to the park.

Kid: then let’s just drive somewhere — that’s kinda outside!

Dad: The point is to do something fun… active… healthy!

Kid: i don’t see how skiing around in circles in our park is fun — it’s just the same thing over and over and over again.

Dad: You literally watch the same episode of that TV show over and over again. That’s not boring?

Kid: you don’t understand anything do you dad?

Extended: Running Clueless

This is Pi Day #067.b – Bonus Extended Strip

I’ve been feeling a bit prolific lately so you’re getting some bonus #comics as i work out some ideas… and some #creativeanxiety about where i’m taking these #toons as the kid grows up and starts aching for #independence …and this thing called #fatherhood and #parenting enter the #teenagergirl phase… rife with #stories and #adventures I’m certain, but territory I’ve not intersected with for a few decades!