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Comic: Riddikulusly Loyal

This is Pi Day #047

It turns out that the book of magic was useless. The author had failed to run a spell check.

Once again, the pure and complete worship of Harry Potter manifests in our house as another comic-able moment. I mean, how dare I insinuate for even a second that other forms of literature, books that might perhaps be worth reading some day, well… that they exist!

Comic: Expressive Arts

This is Pi Day #046

I feel like she really connected on an emotional level.

I don’t have much to say about this strip that isn’t obvious from the gag… uh… kids are emotional sometimes. So are adults. But I’d be using much different large bold words to illustrate that and then your favourite indie web comic would no longer be a family-friendly indie web comic.

Speaking of large bold words, astute readers may have noticed that I’ve been adding some sound effects into the comics lately. I will admit that my inspiration for this tactic is leaning on a number of sources, but the idea really gelled when I was perusing some old MAD magazines. Now to be clear, I am keenly aware that my own HAHAHs and GAHHHS are not nearly as clever as his classic GARKs and BLOOTs, but if you like I were a fan of Don Martin‘s gag strips groaning up you’ll (hopefully) see a bit of homage a’la my own personal fromage-y take on this style.

Plus, with a ten year old as one of my main characters, I’m really finding that expressive cartooning needs an outlet.

Comic: Freestyle Boredom

This is Pi Day #045

Just add water.

I’ve had a waterlogged brain as of late. Both the kid and I, though separately, used to do a lot more swimming. She was in a club. I just love the water. Recently, due largely to the length and uncooperative nature of winter … spring … the weather this year, I’ve taken back to the pool for some cross-training.


Swimming laps!


Or as the Kid calls it: “dad … I’ll swim some with you … until I get bored and need a fun break!”

The other reason swimming is getting into my brain, sitting in the crook of my ear canal making little squootching noises so that no matter what way you turn your head, rocking your neck, twisting and contorting to try and get it to drain but it never wants to drizzle out and … I digress.

As this comic drops we’ll actually be at the pool stating another season of swim club. I’ll be fully dressed, probably using my phone to post this very comic strip to instagram and facebookhint hint, nudge nudge — but the kid will be doing the laps.

Fun, indeed.

Comic: Spring Running

This is Pi Day #044

As much as I dread running in the cold of winter, there is a few weeks each year when the seasons transition. The snow begins to melt, the days get longer, and the paths turn into a muddy-icy-dirty obstacle course of treacherous adventure.

This week’s comic is inspired by a recent spring group run (even though I’m publishing it on yet another bitterly cold late-winter day!) By the time we returned from a couple hours of dodging ice dams, hopping around puddles, and climbing through not-quite-melted snow drifts we were all a little colder and wetter than anticipated, and at least one of our party was bleeding and due to be a little bruised and battered the next day.

Sigh. Say it with me: Summer is just around the corner. Summer is just around the corner. Summer is just around the corner.

Comic: Particularly Famous

This is Pi Day #043

We’re definitely socked into a phase in our house right now. That phase has something to do with a certain fictional boy wizard with a certain lighting bolt shaped scar and a certain cadre of magical friends… oh, alright. It’s Harry Potter. We’re in a definite Harry Potter phase in our house right now.

Books. Films. Costumes. Themed birthday party planning, even though the birthday party in question is almost half a year away. She makes spreadsheets about her fan-ness… is that even normal? I don’t even know!

Thus, I had this exact conversation with the Girl the other week.

See, I’ve had this weird streak of vacation …uh… let’s call them encounters. None of the celebrities in question would vaguely recall meeting me of course, but my side of the “well, that was cool” memory vault goes something like this: we went a cruise and Wil Wheaton was on board, we travelled to London and randomly stumbled upon Prince Charles and his new wife, I went to New York and was in a bar with Neil Patrick Harris, I went to New York again and had a lovely chat and some high-fives with Drew Barrymore in Central Park… you know… just not-famous me randomly meeting some genuinely actually-famous people.

I don’t write this to name drop (not completely) but rather to provide some context as to why, naturally, the Girl assumes that encountering famous people in real life is just a matter of… what? Maybe just willing it so…

That said, apparently what qualifies as “famous” to a ten year old is definitely a little narrower than what fit my definition.