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Blog: Elbow Greased & Social Medias

There are not yet many followers of this comic project (a few but not many) but those of you who have been paying attention may have noticed that since I’ve given myself a healthy head-start on the art — I have comic strips banked until the end of the summer for every Saturday — I’ve turned my attention to my website and marketing.

Gagh! Dirty word. Marketing.

Yet, even –maybe especially– little unknown creators need to get the word out.

So I’ve not only set up a Twitter, an Instagram and a Facebook page, but I’ve set loose a few little PiBots to make sure that those feeds are regularly fed.

Additionally –and I’m not sure if it will take off or if it will just be me talking to myself– I installed a forum on this very site. “A forum,” you ask. “Isn’t that what websites used to have back in 1847 for the folks who gathered around their steam-powered thinking machines to convey messages about train schedules and Egyptian mummy mythology?”

To that, I’d reply… “Well… perhaps. But what is old is new and what is old is something free to install on this site that I can understand and what the hey… hey?” And of course you can use it to do all sorts of self-promotional things, like join up and talk about YOUR comic strip and encourage other people to go read it.

But I digress.

The tldr; of this post is that I finally spent some time tweaking my web presence under the vapid pretense of trying to earn myself an audience. So share and enjoy. I am.

Blog: The Socials

It seems like the obligatory thing to do with a new project like a web comic is to put together a social media presence. It allows me to pummel complete strangers with notifications whenever I punch out another few scribbles and post them on this site.

So, if you’d like to be one of those complete strangers, you now have three options:

On Facebook, you can try to connect with me at:

On Instagram, you can get a glimpse behind the artistic scenes of a new and blossoming art project at:

On Twitter, you can do twittery things and read other ramblings even briefer than a web comic:

Of course, all these links are in the icons at the top of this website.

Blog: Boring is as Boring Does

I don’t get it. Kids are forever bored.

By everything.

No matter how entertaining the world is to an adult, for a kid there is little that can compete with screens and manufactured entertainment: nature, life, the universe itself.

Readers won’t see some of the strips I’ve been drawing this past week for a while. In fact the stuff I drew this past weekend is officially in the hopper and scheduled to go live in… uh… well, Saturdays over the next month or two. I’m going to slowly trickle it out. And you’re just going to have to wait for it. That’s patience for you. Patience. A theme that I just happen to be writing — drawing — upon lately.

My point in putting together some of my next few comics is going to be to explore that disconnect of fatherhood: the mash up between being a middle aged guy who has not enough time to ever be bored, pressed to squeeze every moment out of his life, and forever seeking activities to fit into the narrow slots of time that maximize every second… clashing with the kid who seems like she would sit on the couch and watch youtube all day if I let her.

That’s my fatherhood experience these days: modelling how not to be bored by the real world. And there is a bit of humour in the gaps of that. So the comics I’ve been drawing — and which will publish in the coming weeks — exaggerate that gap and if you’re here with me you’ll get it. The frustration is real: Sometimes youth really is wasted on the young.

Stay tuned.

Blog: This is Pi Day

A rainy weekend in May spawned a few hours in front of the Nintendo Switch playing Zelda, then a few more hours playing Mario Kart, then a few hours feeling guilty for not doing anything productive. The Girl continued playing but The Dad decided he would crack open a different screen and do something slightly more creative.

Thus, the Pi Day Comics were born.

Why Pi Day? Well, besides the fact that I recycled the domain name from another project, Pi Day has been a bit of a parenting totem for me for a long time: a little bit of math and science mashed up with a bit of tasty pastry blended in with a big scoop of eclectic celebrations. A little bit serious, but built up with on a foundation of an irrational number of bad dad jokes.

This is Pi Day. It is a little bit serious, a little bit autobiographical, and a little bit blueberry pastry stains on the front of your shirt.

So far I’ve drawn just four strips. Yet, life is full of stories, and I’ve been banking my dad experiences for a lot of years. They say write what you know. This is that, so hopefully it’s a while before I run out of steam.

Share and enjoy!

This is Pi Day

Welcome! This is Pi Day is an independent web comic about fatherhood, running, video games, science, art, independence, integrity, imagination and just generally … family adventure. It is drawn and published from Edmonton, Canada.

The life of a dad is full of stories, and we’ve been banking geeky dad experiences for a decade. The result: a web comic… This is Pi Day is a little bit serious, a little bit autobiographical, and a little bit blueberry pastry stains on the front of your shirt. All of it is built upon a foundation of math, science and technology pop culture … and of course an irrational number of terribly punny dad jokes.

As the Girl would say, Pi Day is a day-long dad joke.

New comics every Saturday morning (and some bonus shorts here and there).