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Dramatic Moments – Part 2

This is Pi Day #303 – November 12, 2023

Confidence is one thing, and having faith in our own abilities is something we likely all need to work on. It’s a fine line tho, isn’t it? We artists know that we’re all our own worst critics, but at the same time you gotta get out there and sell yourself, be brave and proud and assured that you’re as great as you think you are. So, really, who am I to question it, huh?

Dramatic Moments – Part 1

This is Pi Day #302 – November 5, 2023

Oh sure, so you think the creative life is cut-throat out in the real world, huh? Try selling your magnum opus to a high school drama teacher and a room full of teenagers! You put your heart and soul, weeks—weeks! I tell you!—into a masterpiece and the world, or at least dad, doesn’t understand.

Your Sunday morning webcomic is here with Dramatic Moments Part 1 — stay tuned in November to see how this play plays out!

Cafe Distractions

This is Pi Day #301 – October 30, 2023

What’s this? A brand new Pi Day comic strip!?!? What is happening?

You’re reading that right. After a couple years of hiatus I think I have a plan for another series of comics with your favourite characters. And I went right back to day one when my first strip premiered as a joke about a busy cafe. The mood has changed lately because with everyone doing hybrid work those quiet cafes are not just busy, but somehow they’ve become everyone’s office too. Have you noticed? I sure have.