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This is Pi Day (Part 1)

This is Pi Day #041.a

I’ve tried pretty hard over the years to indoctrinate the kid into the fellowship of geekyness, to give her a sense of confidence about knowing interesting things and celebrating big important ideas. In crafting that particular recipe the result is often a roll of the eye or an exasperated sigh…. she is a ten year old after all.

As I post this comic on one the eve of one of the most important mathematical celebrations of the year it is important to take a moment, pause and reflect on the bounty of important discoveries that have improved our lives through science, math and engineering, to recall that through deduction and reasoned thought we are able to improve the lot of all humanity, and in consuming circular pastry filled with the filling of your choice –we’ll be going with blueberry pie this year– we are in fact meditating upon the most cleverest of confluences of nourishing ideals: fulfillment of the mind, the stomach, and the sense of humour.

This is Board Games (Part 1)

This is Pi Day #035.a

Board game week continues and it has forced me to go digging through the cupboard to dust off all sorts of old gaming memories. Like many card-carrying geeks, we spent the better part of our pre-parenting years socializing with friends around a fistful of cards, trading wood for ore, munchkin-questing, or gathering purple trains to finally build that railroad between Duluth and Toronto and win the game.

Then the kids came along, and regular games nights became an annual games night where there was less gaming and more eating and doing those things that parents do. But somehow the legacy has re-blossomed in the fertile imaginations of our progeny and the spark of board game nerdyness has sprouted once again… if not exactly in the form we might have expected.

But hey… a game is a game is a game, right?

This is Winter Running (Part 3)

This is Pi Day #033.c

Of course, even after the running is done and all you’re longing for is the warm, comforting embrace of the indoors… someone invariably wants to take a photo.

But then who can resist… those puckered faces, the frost dangling from your hair and eyelashes, the looks of frozen bewilderment resembling nothing less than a half-crazed fitness buff who has spent the better part of an hour in temperatures fit for human nor beast.

Take a photo. Of course. No one is going to believe you otherwise.