The Warm Gamer Glow

This is Pi Day #102

It was only a matter of time. I spent years normalizing gaming, and then one day I went looking for her and she had nested in front of my PC, a purpose-built gaming and video editing dual-head desktop with a bunch of great software.

“It is kinda my computer now.” She tells me. “I use it more than you.” Which is kinda true, because she does, and now that she’s shelled out her own money for some expansion packs for games she’s literally invested in it.

Pictured in this sketch, a stylus on tablet (Apple Pencil + iPad Pro + Procreate 5) is a teen playing Minecraft, though what she plays really varies these days. The Sims 4, tops the list actually, and always a YouTube vid on the second screen with some sketch comedy or more-like-than-not a play-along video of the game she’s into.

I’ve also been interested in two things in my sketches these days: detail and atmosphere. The atmosphere and glow of the monitors dampens the impact of the detail, but both are heavy in this sketch.

Pint-Sized Entrepreneur

This is Pi Day #101

There is an unwwritten law around here that teenagers should do yardwork for their parents. Mowing grass. Raking leaves. Shoveling snow. Unfortunately, since it’s unwritten it’s also negotiable. In other words, the kid has been charging me ten bucks a pop to keep the driveway clean this winter. Some may call that extortion, I just call it fostering the entrepreneurial spirit.

As 2020 kicks into gear, I’m kicking off season 2 of this web comic. New technology, new format, new style, new schedule. Let me know what you think in the comments.

New Year’s Fireworks

This is Pi Day #100

Now that the end of 2019 has arrived, I’m kicking off a brand new season of This is Pi Day. Call it a New Year’s Resolution: draw more!

If you’ve actually been paying attention and have wondered where I went, here’s the thing: the kid got older. She grew up a bit, darn it all! It was inevitable. It was destined. It was gonna happen whether I buried my head in the snow and pretended it wasn’t.

The first season of This is Pi Day was a couple things:

  1. It was a dad dabbling in a multi-panel cartooning format with the intention of telling some of those “look what kids do… haha!” stories to immortalize all those things everyone tells you as a parent to write down. I wrote them down, illustrated, and published.
  2. It was a guy mucking around in an artistically safe format, building off a template and a slowly growing library of art assets that made for efficient creation of comics but started to make me feel a bit stagnant as an artist.

The second season is going to flip that around. The kid is older, hitting her teens and less open to a dad poking (lovingly) fun at her foibles and folly. It’s going to focus on:

  1. A dad observing and coping with the changing nature of parenting as he switches from being the doting dad of a pre-teen to the “my daughter is now an interesting young woman” mode of parenting through teenagerhood.
  2. An artistic exercise, where I’ll be sketching in multiple media, styles and approaches a collection of art, animations, and other yet-unconsidered multi-modal styles to nurture my own creative self.

I hope you keep reading, sharing, and commenting!