Comic: Chop Slows

This is Pi Day #049

Stick a fork in me, I’m done.

It’s not that she can’t use chopsticks, but we’re talking about a kid who stubbornly refuses to even learn proper dinner knife skills, instead relying on her overhand fork jab to scarf down most family meals. I spent a good deal of time touring through Vancouver’s budget conscious sushi circuit in my early twenties, so my chopstick dexterity is more than adequately matched to the occasional stop for a roll or a bowl, but the kid hasn’t had quite as many opportunities to practice.

On a tangential topic, only loosely related to sushi but definitely related to persistence and practice, this comic marks the official start of year two of This is Pi Day. And if you’re interested in that sort of thing, I could also tell you that as of this weekend I have drawn (not published, but drawn) exactly 100 comics and strips. This is Pi Day is getting real, folks!

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Comic: Spring Cleanup

This is Pi Day #048

I don’t want to start getting all preachy in this comic. I mean, I know whenever someone builds themselves a platform there is always gonna be that moment when bits of your own personal ideologies can’t help but slurp up onto the stage there with you. But here we are… pick up your garbage? Don’t litter. How political of me huh?

Well, I couldn’t have been prouder. This comic was inspired by a conversation earlier in the week when the (real) kid, contrary to her cartoon counterpart’s obliviousness to the plight, told me that her and her school friends had won the golden garbage can award at her school because (apparently) they had used their recess (on their own initiative, I understand) to pick up spring trash in the school yard.

I think that deserves me bumping this Saturday strip up a week or two in the rotation… and possibly risking a bit of a preachy tone, to boot, no?

Comic: Riddikulusly Loyal

This is Pi Day #047

It turns out that the book of magic was useless. The author had failed to run a spell check.

Once again, the pure and complete worship of Harry Potter manifests in our house as another comic-able moment. I mean, how dare I insinuate for even a second that other forms of literature, books that might perhaps be worth reading some day, well… that they exist!

Comic: Expressive Arts

This is Pi Day #046

I feel like she really connected on an emotional level.

I don’t have much to say about this strip that isn’t obvious from the gag… uh… kids are emotional sometimes. So are adults. But I’d be using much different large bold words to illustrate that and then your favourite indie web comic would no longer be a family-friendly indie web comic.

Speaking of large bold words, astute readers may have noticed that I’ve been adding some sound effects into the comics lately. I will admit that my inspiration for this tactic is leaning on a number of sources, but the idea really gelled when I was perusing some old MAD magazines. Now to be clear, I am keenly aware that my own HAHAHs and GAHHHS are not nearly as clever as his classic GARKs and BLOOTs, but if you like I were a fan of Don Martin‘s gag strips groaning up you’ll (hopefully) see a bit of homage a’la my own personal fromage-y take on this style.

Plus, with a ten year old as one of my main characters, I’m really finding that expressive cartooning needs an outlet.