Comic: Introduction to Practicing at Home

This is Pi Day #002

A theme that will gradually emerge as I draw these is “yes… this really happened.” Being a dad is chock full of surreal experiences. It’s not my intention, of course, to portray the dad as a bumbling idiot tho. You’re not going to see the non-funny side of his response. But yeah, part of raising a pre-teen is dealing with the less-than-subtle feedback you often get on your life. How you push back… well, that’s up to you.

In reality, she lost her tv privileges for the rest of the day for that comment. But you’re not going to laugh about that part are you?

As far as the art goes, I’m building these character models as I go and this marks the first appearance of the (as of yet unnamed daughter character) and something that I haven’t done in a strip again (at least up to #008 which is drawn and in the hopper) which is breaking that fourth wall.

Comic: The Cafe Dilemma

This is Pi Day #001

This is the first one, and it was fueled by some frustration over a real experience. I walked into the cafe and bought a coffee and as I paid and then turned round a couple people had sneaked in and taken the last seats, dropping off their jackets to “reserve.” A few weeks later I was scribbling out some concept drawings for the “dad” character in a new comic and this idea had stuck in my mind. Next thing you know you’ll need to reserve seating everywhere… hey, they do it at the movies now, why not for a casual coffee?

The kid had yet to make an appearance in this strip. I was still working things out. She showed up a week later tho.

This is Pi Day

Welcome! This is Pi Day is an independent web comic about fatherhood, running, video games, science, art, independence, integrity, imagination and just generally … family adventure. It is drawn and published from Edmonton, Canada.

The life of a dad is full of stories, and we’ve been banking geeky dad experiences for a decade. The result: a web comic… This is Pi Day is a little bit serious, a little bit autobiographical, and a little bit blueberry pastry stains on the front of your shirt. All of it is built upon a foundation of math, science and technology pop culture … and of course an irrational number of terribly punny dad jokes.

As the Girl would say, Pi Day is a day-long dad joke.

New comics most Saturday mornings (and some bonus shorts here and there).