Support Indie Content

It’s not rocket science.

Millions of people around the world have skills, talent, and motivation to use their own time and resources to make cool stuff that isn’t owned, controlled, or filtered by some corporation.

Hey, I like corporations just as much as the next guy. They can do and have done some good stuff to make us all smarter, healthier, and more connected.

But just like I tell my kid that they should eat food from all four food groups every day to stay healthy and strong, I think it’s important for anyone who likes –well, anything really– to consume an entertainment diet that is also rich in independent content.

Like this comic, sure. But also go read a book from some “unknown” author, buy some music from the guy selling his CD in the subway station, or support that girl showcasing her art from a little table in the park.

You don’t even (necessarily) need to pay us, but just by commenting, sharing, or even merely clicking around our sites you’re letting we independent creators know that the world still values art, music, film, and literature created beyond the reach of some big business.

It’s not rocket science, but it matters.