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This is Pi Day #104

I was just sitting and The Girl walks out into the den, plunks herself down into a chair in this very prim little pose, and sits there thumbing through her iPad for about fifteen minutes.

I was slouched into the couch across the way, doodling on mu own iPad (mucking around with a different, more cartoonish sketch of The Girl slouched onto the couch playing on her iPad, in fact) and it struck me that the momentary sketch I roughed out over the ensuing few seconds was far more interesting than the from-memory sketch I was doing.

A day of refinements later, even The Girl herself grinned and wanted a copy of the final piece. I must be doing something right.

The Sketch

Pi-a-Day: Art Defect

This is Pi Day #067.c – March 01

It’s March, and as we move closer to Pi Day on the 14th of this month I was thinking of the best way to celebrate on with this comic.

The only thing I could come up with was to draw something… a lot of something. So, I figured I’d try and post one new comic every day this month.

And why not start the month with some artistic introspection.