Short: Gear Down (Panorama Comic)

This is Pi Day : Panorama Bonus #012.1

Did you know that you can avoid sleep-walking by leaving your bike beside your bed each night?
Then you can sleep-ride instead.

Apparently it was bike week at The is Pi Day. It’s like shark week, but with spokes instead of teeth. And besides, a bike with teeth would actually just become a bit of a vicious cycle… of bad puns.


Actually, I didn’t set out to draw a bunch of cycling comics this week, but having spent the spring exploring our city –at least the bike trail parts of it– for the first time with The Girl who can now ride further than the playground, it’s become fertile ground for some deep conversations… and some “did you really just say that” moments.

As depicted in the strip, we’ve done a bit of that too: she bikes, I run, and then I pass out from sheer exhaustion as a result of attempting to keep up with her. It was so much easier for me when her tires were one-third the size. She’s just a bit of a cycle-path that way, indifferent to her poor dad’s suffering.

Strip: This is Summer Riding (Part 3)

This is Pi Day #012.c

I was wondering why my bicycle fell over… then I realized it’s probably because it’s two tired.

I am being a bit unfair. In fact on a recent ride we came upon a beautiful lookout over the river valley, looking down on the bridge we’d crossed on a previous ride, and she stood there so long taking it all in that I thought we were going to have to file a change of address with the tax office.

But that’s more of an exception.

“Oh… look at this beautiful view!” I’ll suggest.

She’ll be looking instead at a patch of clover trying to find a ‘lucky one.’

“From this bridge you can look five kilometers down the river.” I’ll say.

She’ll be throwing stones to see them ‘plop’ in the water below.

It’s all about priorities, I suppose. And to be honest, her’s are probably more interesting than mine.

Strip: This is Summer Riding (Part 2)

This is Pi Day #012.b

What’s having a frank, heart-to-heart discussion with your kid while on bikes? Child cycle-ology.

As a runner one of my pet peeves is cyclists.

Yup, you read that right cyclists. When we’re sharing the trails a few of you — just a few of you, mind — give cyclists a bad name. Most of you are great, but until someone is careening past you on two wheels having give no indication (bell, anyone?) that they are approaching but plenty of hand gestures as they pass, you don’t know which kind of cyclist you’re dealing with.

Usually good. But often enough bad that it’s a thing.

And then a couple times per week I become a cyclist… and a dad cyclist to boot, who is forever shouting out instructions to The Girl who is far less savy, far less experienced, and far less over-the-top courteous to all the walkers and runners and puppies and whoever is out on the trail. We’re not perfect, but bike with us and you’re sure to hear me barking “ring your bell” or “pass on the left” to my biking companion who is invariably racing ahead not-quite-following the rules of good bikesmanship.

It’s like tween pre-driver training. You should be thanking me.