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Comic: Incentive Saved

This is Pi Day #037

Once you’ve seen one shopping centre you’ve seen a mall.

Kids hit a certain age and they start to get curious about money. Why do we need it? How do you get it? If you have it, why don’t you just spend it? Or if you don’t have it, why don’t you just go get more?

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.” …becomes one of the countless, timeless cliches any parent finds themselves rattling off in a store, from the drivers seat, or following a perfectly calm and seemingly logical explanation of why she needs yet another stuffed animal, this one here in her hand in fact, while I’m just trying to buy groceries.

Personally, I think that probably the only reason I’m not flat broke is budgeting: carefully planning out our spending. Not that you came to a comic website for a financial planning lesson, but in raising a thoughtful little girl and trying to impress upon her the importance of the aforementioned cash handling fact, some of that kid-wisdom often squeezes out in funny, comic-worthy ways.

Comic: Be Prepared

This is Pi Day #012

Once you’ve seen one shopping center, you’ve seen a mall…

Our “cheap” vacation this year did not include any airfares or fancy resort hotels. Instead, we decided to go backpacking in the deep, deep woods.

We explain this quite frequently now: we USED to go backpacking a lot. Then we had The Girl. And ten years went by while we waited for her upper body strength to adapt to the anticipated weight of a backpack filled with overnight gear enough to get us up a mountain and back down without requiring an emergency evac.

It wasn’t exactly “cheap”… the backpacking gear required to first replace all your old backpacking gear and second be a responsible enough parent (hey, when I was twenty-five I would just suffer without certain things… but as a dad?) all of that is a lot more expensive that I would have originally thought.

No backing down, though. To climb higher, it seems, one must dig deeper… into one’s wallet.