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New Year’s Fireworks

This is Pi Day #100

Now that the end of 2019 has arrived, I’m kicking off a brand new season of This is Pi Day. Call it a New Year’s Resolution: draw more!

If you’ve actually been paying attention and have wondered where I went, here’s the thing: the kid got older. She grew up a bit, darn it all! It was inevitable. It was destined. It was gonna happen whether I buried my head in the snow and pretended it wasn’t.

The first season of This is Pi Day was a couple things:

  1. It was a dad dabbling in a multi-panel cartooning format with the intention of telling some of those “look what kids do… haha!” stories to immortalize all those things everyone tells you as a parent to write down. I wrote them down, illustrated, and published.
  2. It was a guy mucking around in an artistically safe format, building off a template and a slowly growing library of art assets that made for efficient creation of comics but started to make me feel a bit stagnant as an artist.

The second season is going to flip that around. The kid is older, hitting her teens and less open to a dad poking (lovingly) fun at her foibles and folly. It’s going to focus on:

  1. A dad observing and coping with the changing nature of parenting as he switches from being the doting dad of a pre-teen to the “my daughter is now an interesting young woman” mode of parenting through teenagerhood.
  2. An artistic exercise, where I’ll be sketching in multiple media, styles and approaches a collection of art, animations, and other yet-unconsidered multi-modal styles to nurture my own creative self.

I hope you keep reading, sharing, and commenting!

Comic: Midnight Trooper

This is Pi Day #031

Happy New Years! …almost. Well, tomorrow night, actually. The publication schedule didn’t quite work out this year.

Alas, as the first calendar year of This is Pi Day draws to a close here are some statistics from 2017:

67 new published comics, shorts, and strips!
380 new Instagram fans for almost 100 posts!
390 new Twitter fans for almost 1000 tweets!
3100 unique visitors to this website!
…and as of this post, this website has now running off a Canadian web server for three days!

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a little creativity, almost no free time, and a goofy idea… especially when you have great fans supporting and sharing your work.

See you in 2018 for more comics, more dad jokes, and officially counting down to March 14th … y’know… pi day.