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Pi-a-Day: P-I-E-T Spells Diet

This is Pi Day #069.d – March 13

It’s also just wishful shrinking.

I realized that after a long winter of too much food, race season is once again upon us and have opted to spend a couple months trying to be a little more strict about toning things up in the sugary-intake department.

Basically, it just means I insulted the kid by not eating the cupcakes she baked.

On the other hand, that half-marathon isn’t gonna run itself.

This is Pi Day (Part 3)

This is Pi Day #041.c

Alas #piday is over for another year… so did you learn anything? With the passing of the great #stephenhawking and the reminder that #einstein was born on what we now call the day of pi, multiple people noted that wouldn’t it be great if we could maybe pause on march 14 to think about more than just pastry… I like it.