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Comic: There S’No Pressure

This is Pi Day #033

Ice to meet you.

Technically, as a Canadian, it is not only my birthright but my patriotic responsibility to resolutely complain about the cold weather while simultaneously pulling on my wool socks and going outside to just deal with it.

I deal with it by running in it. And with the last week with its temperatures lurking in the -30 degree range (yes, that is a minus) this would usually trigger my wimp-out response and I’d just stay home and draw more comics.

But even as an adult there is this thing called peer pressure.

I text “….but it’s COLD!” and I get in reply “So… just 10 k then?”

I argue about the ice … and someone sends me an Amazon link for shoe spikes.

I steadfastly nudge and call out our mileages as I try to stick to the distance we agreed upon when we left the warmth of the run club… well, the comic speaks for itself.

Stay warm out there… unless you live somewhere warm, then … I got nothing.

Comic: Just Watch Me

This is Pi Day #011

It’s so hot outside that I saw a fire hydrant chasing a pack of dogs!

I hate to go on and on and on about the weather, but I actually ran myself into a nice case of heat stroke this past week and had a few sick days to show for it. Yuck. Stay cool.

The Girl has a mental block for my self-induced run pain. She saw me get dragged off to the medical tent after my first marathon (also heat related) and ever since then I’m either “just resting” or “about to die” after a long, tough workout. There is nothing in between. Zero. On the verge of breaking my mortal coil thanks to an hour of jogging… or whatever dad, let’s play.

It was closer to the former this past week. When we get hot here, we do it thoroughly.

Comic: Communing With Nature

This is Pi Day #010

It’s a run-derful life.

We runners can sometimes be a serious bunch. And I admit, I’m a bit impatient about impatience.

My marathon times, not a one of them spectacular but all of them mine, are wedged firmly in the over-four-hour category. Four hours… and closer to five, if I’m being honest. The training. The practice. The many, many solo runs. You spend a lot of time with just yourself for company (and you wonder when I have time to think up a bunch of comic gags, huh?) You spend a lot of time plodding along with nothing to do but think.

And I used to be just like The Girl. Five minutes with nothing to do and I be like “moooooooooooooooooooom, I’m sooooooo bored.”

I look down at that kid who seems to have the patience-span of a single breath and wonder how one gets from that kid who has not the patience to even listen to her old man recap his long run — to the old man who adores, treasures, and makes precious use of that time of solitary plodding adventure. It’s a big leap.

Okay, so maybe it’s only funny if you’ve been there… but if you have, it’s your darkly humorous reality too.

Short: Hot Mess (Magpie Comics)

This is Pi Day : Magpie Bonus #009.2

Credit where due, Jolene (who I run with in real life) posted a little story on my Facebook page the evening that I drew this. They had come home from a hot & sweaty mid-summer evening run and added their own special post-running fragrance to the kitchen… much to the chagrin of their son.

I can just imagine what we smelled like after our Wednesday evening run, which seemed even hotter, even muggier, and a little less relieved by any sort of wind. Eau-du-runner. No wonder everyone gets out of our way!

I was saving this bonus strip for next week, maybe after my sure-to-be-too-warm half marathon on Sunday, but… just too perfect timing to not post it now, for an upcoming weekend forecast to be a scorching hot couple of days. Stay cool!