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Short: Selfie Alert (Magpie Comics)

This is Pi Day : Magpie Bonus #008.1

It seems to be the responsibility of the modern amature athlete: run… then share as much information as you can about that run in the form of GPS tracks and selfies. Prove that you were outside in sweat-wicking, lightweight, synthetic clothing.

A run without a selfie or a group photo or a short video to recap… unimaginable…. he wrote with a tone of hypocritical irony. I mean, would Instagram even exist if it wasn’t for selfies of people doing things like eating, running, or both simultaneously? I doubt it.

In nothing else, it reminds those who haven’t yet fallen victim to runner-selfie habit that there is still time to escape.

Short: Storm Warning (Magpie Comics)

This is Pi Day : Magpie Bonus #007.1

I was dressed to go running the other night despite a big, dark cloud looming on the horizon. A “Severe Thunderstorm” alert popped up on my phone, yet I still pulled my shoes from the closet and stood there with them in my hand, ready.

When the skies finally opened, the wind started gusting, and the flashes of light appeared in the darkened evening, I reluctantly packed up and opted to sit out my run.

But apparently some of my crew went out anyways.

Common sense had me shaking my head at how silly it was to be out running in a thunderstorm. Peer pressure had me feeling a little bit guilty for skipping out. Such is the nature of the runner. And had I gone out it would not have been my first run through a wall of falling water.

Even the birds, hiding under the cover of the trees, know better to go out and about it that kind of mess.

Short: Shoelaces (Magpie Comics)

This is Pi Day : Magpie Bonus #005.1

I’m (not-so-secretly) fascinated by magpies. Super-smart birds. And I don’t think I’ve done an outdoor run in my city in years and NOT seen at least one of these birds standing off to the side. Watching. Plotting. So much so to the point I sometimes ponder that they might know more about the reasons that I run than I do. Or, they’re just everywhere. Who can say?

Maybe this will become a regular thing… or maybe it will not.

I had this idea to do some bonus one-panel strips mid-week (between my Saturday morning regular release schedule) and I’ve only really done this one (at the time of posting) so far. I don’t want to lose my focus on the main stuff by guaranteeing you’ll see a weekly bonus, but I can say that:

a) I’m pretty sure this will not be the last one (even if they are sporadic) and

b) they are going to be a little off-kilter, side-story (inasmuch as there is one) from the regular Saturday strips. Some sentient birds. Maybe some imaginary weird stuff. Think something like Spaceman Spiff kinda magical realism meets overactive imagination stuff.


Comic: Piggy Back Guy

This is Pi Day #005

As the comic evolves I want to explore some of the struggles we’re both having with getting older… so this might be a bit corny, but I think it opens up an important dynamic in the relationship of my two characters. We both say and do things that we don’t intend to be what they are, but they turn out to be words that make us feel the never ending creep of time and the finite nature of the daddy-daughter relationship.

The girl really said this. She says it a lot to me in fact. Points out my creep: the grey hair that is starting to materialize in my otherwise shaggy brown mane. It bugs me just a little, but enough. It equally bugs her that she’s not a little kid anymore: growing up is still scary, I guess. That much hasn’t changed.

Comic: Lost Youth

This is Pi Day #004

The thing about me that you need to know is that I run. In fact as this strip goes live I’m on a road trip to run a 150 km relay race in the middle of the night with a bunch of other crazy-ish running friends. It’s a big part of my personality. So this little comic strip dad is going to be a runner too.

In case you (a) don’t know us or (b) do know us and haven’t guessed, this whole cartoon strip is going to be based pretty solidly on us. It’s not us. But it’s like us enough that I pretty much just need to copy down my real life experiences into sketch form.

I’d always fashioned that the girl has some pretty weird ideas about my running. Her whole life I’ve been doing this routine, so I’m sure her head is filled with notions that I can never quite comprehend: but I do know she thinks it’s a little bit of me showing my kid-side.