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Comic: Parenting Dreams

This is Pi Day #066

Parenting… It’s the best job ever but it doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes wonder ….what if? A bonus #fatherhood #comic this morning because it’s cold outside (and it’s been cold outside for two weeks!) and I’ve got nothing else to do but draw and (apparently) feel sorry for myself as I ponder an alternate universe.

The Script

Dad: Do you ever feel like becoming a parent might not have been worth the cost?

Magpie: Cost?

Dad: Well, modern fatherhood? You are handed this job of raising a kid. It takes all your time and money. And then you emerge at the end old, tired and trying to figure out how you fit into the larger world again. I just wonder sometimes…

Magpie: Is this going to turn into another story about your long lost dream of becoming an adventuring archeology professor?

Dad: It could have happened!

Magpie: You fall asleep just watching a full Indiana Jones movie.

Dad: Like I said… old… tired… no time of my own…

Comic: Spring Running

This is Pi Day #044

As much as I dread running in the cold of winter, there is a few weeks each year when the seasons transition. The snow begins to melt, the days get longer, and the paths turn into a muddy-icy-dirty obstacle course of treacherous adventure.

This week’s comic is inspired by a recent spring group run (even though I’m publishing it on yet another bitterly cold late-winter day!) By the time we returned from a couple hours of dodging ice dams, hopping around puddles, and climbing through not-quite-melted snow drifts we were all a little colder and wetter than anticipated, and at least one of our party was bleeding and due to be a little bruised and battered the next day.

Sigh. Say it with me: Summer is just around the corner. Summer is just around the corner. Summer is just around the corner.