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Short: Selfie Alert (Magpie Comics)

This is Pi Day : Magpie Bonus #008.1

It seems to be the responsibility of the modern amature athlete: run… then share as much information as you can about that run in the form of GPS tracks and selfies. Prove that you were outside in sweat-wicking, lightweight, synthetic clothing.

A run without a selfie or a group photo or a short video to recap… unimaginable…. he wrote with a tone of hypocritical irony. I mean, would Instagram even exist if it wasn’t for selfies of people doing things like eating, running, or both simultaneously? I doubt it.

In nothing else, it reminds those who haven’t yet fallen victim to runner-selfie habit that there is still time to escape.

Blog: The Socials

It seems like the obligatory thing to do with a new project like a web comic is to put together a social media presence. It allows me to pummel complete strangers with notifications whenever I punch out another few scribbles and post them on this site.

So, if you’d like to be one of those complete strangers, you now have three options:

On Facebook, you can try to connect with me at: facebook.com/pidaywebcomic/

On Instagram, you can get a glimpse behind the artistic scenes of a new and blossoming art project at: instagram.com/pidaywebcomic/

On Twitter, you can do twittery things and read other ramblings even briefer than a web comic: twitter.com/PiDayWebComic

Of course, all these links are in the icons at the top of this website.