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Pi-a-Day: Log Paddle

This is Pi Day #068.e – March 07

Water you doing, dad?

I’ve been swimming again, back to my training for a spring triathlon, and strongly encouraging the kid to tag along to the pool to keep up her own skills in the water.

Sadly, what I see as an invigorating fitness hobby, she sees as punishment, and her impatience is a distracting multiplier against my own delicate motivation to do an hour’s worth of repetitive laps laps laps laps laps…

Comic: Ski Bums Part 4

This is Pi Day #068 – March 02

The Script

Dad: The weather sure is great for some cross-country skiing.

Kid: i guess

Dad: C’mon. We both need the fresh air.  We’ve been stuck indoors for weeks. We’ll just go to the park.

Kid: then let’s just drive somewhere — that’s kinda outside!

Dad: The point is to do something fun… active… healthy!

Kid: i don’t see how skiing around in circles in our park is fun — it’s just the same thing over and over and over again.

Dad: You literally watch the same episode of that TV show over and over again. That’s not boring?

Kid: you don’t understand anything do you dad?