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Cafe Distractions

This is Pi Day #301 – October 30, 2023

What’s this? A brand new Pi Day comic strip!?!? What is happening?

You’re reading that right. After a couple years of hiatus I think I have a plan for another series of comics with your favourite characters. And I went right back to day one when my first strip premiered as a joke about a busy cafe. The mood has changed lately because with everyone doing hybrid work those quiet cafes are not just busy, but somehow they’ve become everyone’s office too. Have you noticed? I sure have.

Comic: From Scratch

This is Pi Day #070 – March 16

The kid has been dabbling in code.

But where my friends and I hacked through lines of BASIC in our teens, her and her friends have Scratch a nifty visual coding interface for creating and sharing little games. I’ve played with it a bit and it really does offer up a clever way of sneakily teaching some coding fundamentals … the patience and imagination on the other hand? I guess that’s still my job.