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Comic: Lost Days of Summer

This is Pi Day #006

Strictly speaking, The Girl doesn’t send texts quite yet. Whatever little handmedown device she happens to be using this week tends to have something like Google Hangouts installed, so as curiosity gets the better of her she’ll find these apps and I’ll get pinged with random messages.

There is a bit of an inside joke lurking in the background of this strip and I’d feel like I was shortchanging my audience if I neglected to explain it at least a little bit.

What you have to understand it that OCCASIONALLY these modern kids are allowed to bring their devices to elementary school for special days. And OCCASIONALLY the kids are a little smarter than the teachers, at least when it comes to technology. And at LEAST ONCE in the past, in the middle of my work day, I started getting messages from The Girl… from school… because a couple of the boys had hacked/swiped the school’s WiFi password and it had spread like wildfire to anyone under the age of ten with a gadget to connect.

Needless to say I’m a little wary whenever I get a text message from my daughter between the hours of 7am and 4pm on a weekday. It’s either a “do I need to call the school” moment… or a “rubbing it in” sigh of adult frustration.

Comic: Piggy Back Guy

This is Pi Day #005

As the comic evolves I want to explore some of the struggles we’re both having with getting older… so this might be a bit corny, but I think it opens up an important dynamic in the relationship of my two characters. We both say and do things that we don’t intend to be what they are, but they turn out to be words that make us feel the never ending creep of time and the finite nature of the daddy-daughter relationship.

The girl really said this. She says it a lot to me in fact. Points out my creep: the grey hair that is starting to materialize in my otherwise shaggy brown mane. It bugs me just a little, but enough. It equally bugs her that she’s not a little kid anymore: growing up is still scary, I guess. That much hasn’t changed.