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Comic: Click Famous

This is Pi Day #028

Chances are that if you’re reading this comic you’re one of two types of people: either the type of person who seeks out or just enjoys reading or watching independently produced content OR the type of person who is reading, watching, and otherwise gobbling up every bit of eclectic indie stuff out there because you want to make your own and earn a gazillion dollars while becoming forever famous for your genius.

I’d settle for a few hundred people enjoying the stuff I write, draw and make, but this becomes something of a parenting dilemma: dad is busy drawing comics, writing blogs, and making videos… so kid wants to be just like dad and get busy putting her own stamp on the world.

Great! Now if only dad could impart the epic patience that invariably goes along with all that work.

“When does my ad revenue cheque from Youtube get here, dad? I need to buy some expensive toys for me and my friends!”


How about you give it a few more minutes, huh?

If you’re really bored, I thought it would be appropriate to turn this comic into a “Let’s Draw” video:

Comic: Just Let’s Play

This is Pi Day #013

You tube, but I phone…

I was going to be one of those “in-the-know” dads who kept apace of all the technologies and was never really blindsided by “them young’uns and their gadgets…”

And then The Girl discovered Let’s Play.

I get it, but it still makes mush of my mind to try to wrap it around the notion that WATCHING other people play video games… when you’ve got four consoles and a laptop just SITTING THERE loaded with all manner of awesome software, for CRYING OUT LOUD, why am I paying for all this! I stood in line for two hours for that Nintendo SWITCH! Play IT!

*deep breath*

Alas, when I take it in from a more philosophical perspective I’m quickly reminded of the countless hours I spent in my teens just waiting for my turn at any number of games, wrestling a controller from my brother or a friend, and trying not to get the wires tangled as we pleaded for a spot in the queue for a two-person platformer.

When I was a kid — *shakes head sadly that he just wrote that* — we had more people than screens and we were figuring out how to share them equitably. Now, it seems we have more screens than people and we’re figuring out what to do with them all.

Comic: Introduction to Practicing at Home

This is Pi Day #002

A theme that will gradually emerge as I draw these is “yes… this really happened.” Being a dad is chock full of surreal experiences. It’s not my intention, of course, to portray the dad as a bumbling idiot tho. You’re not going to see the non-funny side of his response. But yeah, part of raising a pre-teen is dealing with the less-than-subtle feedback you often get on your life. How you push back… well, that’s up to you.

In reality, she lost her tv privileges for the rest of the day for that comment. But you’re not going to laugh about that part are you?

As far as the art goes, I’m building these character models as I go and this marks the first appearance of the (as of yet unnamed daughter character) and something that I haven’t done in a strip again (at least up to #008 which is drawn and in the hopper) which is breaking that fourth wall.