Comic: Mandatory Fan

This is Pi Day #051

Whoever said “It’s not whether you win or lose” probably didn’t win…

…but I think what we learned after a packed schedule of driving from here to there to somewhere else and back over there again, always dressed in elaborate costumes a meticulously styled hair and makeup –particularly for a ten-year-old– what we learned in that was that sometimes the things we do impress certain people are never going to be enough. Sometimes the people who need to be impressed are never going to be fans. Sometimes it might not even be about impressing anybody but yourself and the people in the audience cheering just for you. And sometimes you’re obviously in the wrong category and competing against people with so much more skill than you that you can’t help but feel a little inadequate so you may as well suck it up and just have fun.

I think, like when we get handed those nifty participation medals for completing a running race, in dancing all you really need is to understand is that second … third… even last place… is still ahead of all the other people who didn’t even try.

Is that too sappy for a Saturday morning comic strip? (I am still a dad over here, after all!)

Comic: A Man of Consonant Sorrow

This is Pi Day #032

It was an emotional wedding, too… even the cake was in tiers.

It’s 2018 and this year I resolved to share more puns.

For example, the New Year’s resolution of this week’s comic is 1200 by 1200 pixels.

This week’s comic also happens to be a terrible pun, and while this exact conversation may not have occurred verbatim, the reaction of those involved are portrayed in way that inspired its drawing. It also inspires the Kid to take her father a little less seriously every time he opens his mouth.

Comic: Relatively Bored

This is Pi Day #014

“Hey, Dad, what’s this movie about?”
Oh… about two hours.

Oh … kids these days… they just don’t know how to play, or something… *waves stick in the air* — get off my lawn!

Ah… was that too preachy?

A little?

Yeah… maybe a little. Unfair, even. I mean, after all, we adults have been trying to make awkward conversation among ourselves for decades now. Literally. Decades! That’s … well, a lot of small talk. A lot of filled air. A lot of quality time and precious memories, right? Too much. Now give me back my phone.

What… wait… c’mon it’s not like we’re setting an example for all our kids, you know, the one’s who we’re told are spending too much time staring into the glowing screens of their devices instead of living outside the matrix. I wonder where they learned that.


It’s probably TV. Let’s go with that.