Comic: Un-touchable

This is Pi Day #027

….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back.

Is it really December already. Having taken the whole of November off from posting here, I hope you haven’t missed me too much, but in the last month we took a little holiday down o a tropical climate and temporarily escaped the snow, and our computers and left behind all the stress and worry of our chilly, tech-filled life. Thus, it is only appropriate that we kick things off in December with some technology, winter, and work-stress comics.

They’re all lined up for your December enjoyment, starting today with Un-touchable. I’ve been introducing the kid to my nostalgia. Old TV shows (she apparently loves Red Dwarf), classic music (which for me is Def Leppard and The Tragically Hip) and of course all my video gaming favourites… which apparently are not quite at the same standard and can’t quite compete with an iPad or the Nintendo Switcheroo. Who would have guessed?

Comic: Just Let’s Play

This is Pi Day #013

You tube, but I phone…

I was going to be one of those “in-the-know” dads who kept apace of all the technologies and was never really blindsided by “them young’uns and their gadgets…”

And then The Girl discovered Let’s Play.

I get it, but it still makes mush of my mind to try to wrap it around the notion that WATCHING other people play video games… when you’ve got four consoles and a laptop just SITTING THERE loaded with all manner of awesome software, for CRYING OUT LOUD, why am I paying for all this! I stood in line for two hours for that Nintendo SWITCH! Play IT!

*deep breath*

Alas, when I take it in from a more philosophical perspective I’m quickly reminded of the countless hours I spent in my teens just waiting for my turn at any number of games, wrestling a controller from my brother or a friend, and trying not to get the wires tangled as we pleaded for a spot in the queue for a two-person platformer.

When I was a kid — *shakes head sadly that he just wrote that* — we had more people than screens and we were figuring out how to share them equitably. Now, it seems we have more screens than people and we’re figuring out what to do with them all.

Comic: Kart Konundrum

This is Pi Day #003

We somehow scored a first round release Nintendo Switch (not an endorsement… just a thing.) The best part about that has been Nintendo’s history of (a) family friendly titles and (b) franchise games with histories dating back to as far as I can remember being a gamer. I’ve been super-stoked to show the girl some of my classic favs in their updated format.

So of course she cleans the floor with me. Seriously. Not me going easy on her, either. She has developed some solid skills in the last couple years… and my aging reflexes are not helping. So we played some Mario Kart 8 and I found myself going from dad trying to get her excited about a game I’d loved in versions past… to dad trying to explain why I wasn’t as epic as I seemed to imply.

Embarrassing… but only a little bit.