Comic: From Scratch

This is Pi Day #070 – March 16

The kid has been dabbling in code.

But where my friends and I hacked through lines of BASIC in our teens, her and her friends have Scratch a nifty visual coding interface for creating and sharing little games. I’ve played with it a bit and it really does offer up a clever way of sneakily teaching some coding fundamentals … the patience and imagination on the other hand? I guess that’s still my job.

Strip: This is Summer Riding (Part 3)

This is Pi Day #012.c

I was wondering why my bicycle fell over… then I realized it’s probably because it’s two tired.

I am being a bit unfair. In fact on a recent ride we came upon a beautiful lookout over the river valley, looking down on the bridge we’d crossed on a previous ride, and she stood there so long taking it all in that I thought we were going to have to file a change of address with the tax office.

But that’s more of an exception.

“Oh… look at this beautiful view!” I’ll suggest.

She’ll be looking instead at a patch of clover trying to find a ‘lucky one.’

“From this bridge you can look five kilometers down the river.” I’ll say.

She’ll be throwing stones to see them ‘plop’ in the water below.

It’s all about priorities, I suppose. And to be honest, her’s are probably more interesting than mine.