Comic: Screens Unlimited

This is Pi Day #065

… and then you take a second and you realize that they’re chatting, gaming, writing, and coding together. Would I prefer that she was out kicking a ball around, skipping rope, or making a fort? Nah! … because at her age I was camped in front of a NES fighting over a controller with my pals.

The Script

Dad: Are you ready for the sleepover?

Kid: no … you need to add more time to my tablet

Dad: You have two hours on your daily time limit.  

Dad: Why do you need more? You’ll be with your friends.

Kid: and they’re all allowed more screen time than me!

Dad: My point is that you should just talk… play… make something together.

Kid: yeah i know!  that’s why i need my tablet

Comic: Commercial Success

This is Pi Day #061

As if by some kind of ironic happenstance, when I wandered to where I keep my laptop so that I could write this very explanation about the origins of this gag and why I thought this comic is funny (a thing that definitely makes it funnier, right?) the Kid was using my computer… to watch YouTube… and she a was just sitting there glassily staring at an advertisement for one of those “build your NEXT website with” insert-companyname-here.

So… life-imitates-art funny? You-had-to-be-there funny? Kid-logic-is-messed-up funny?

I mean, we have rules and time-limits about device use in our house, and if she chooses to spend her allotted time watching ads –and apparently she does — what can I do, really? I mean, draw a comic about it, obviously. And maybe some parenting. Yeah, probably some parenting.