Comic: Relatively Bored

This is Pi Day #014

“Hey, Dad, what’s this movie about?”
Oh… about two hours.

Oh … kids these days… they just don’t know how to play, or something… *waves stick in the air* — get off my lawn!

Ah… was that too preachy?

A little?

Yeah… maybe a little. Unfair, even. I mean, after all, we adults have been trying to make awkward conversation among ourselves for decades now. Literally. Decades! That’s … well, a lot of small talk. A lot of filled air. A lot of quality time and precious memories, right? Too much. Now give me back my phone.

What… wait… c’mon it’s not like we’re setting an example for all our kids, you know, the one’s who we’re told are spending too much time staring into the glowing screens of their devices instead of living outside the matrix. I wonder where they learned that.


It’s probably TV. Let’s go with that.

Short: Muted (Panorama Comic)

This is Pi Day : Panorama Bonus #009.1

… because mountains aren’t just funny. They’re hill areas!

I took this picture on a recent (child-free) weekend trip to the rocky mountains. No, not the one of my two main characters standing atop a mountain climb overlooking a scenic landscape… just the scenic landscape.

I stood there admiring the view, enjoying the serene moment alone and gazing upon the beauty of nature and the magnificence of the mountains. I could have stood there for hours. I could have sat down on a bench (or even just a rock) and stared out into the distance for the rest of the afternoon.

And then a few minutes later a dad and his two kids walked up and the eldest of his boys did exactly what I would have expected from my Girl. He looked at it appreciatively for about three-eighths of a second before returning his attention to the gadget in his hands.

I don’t think kids are wired to think bigger than a sphere with a radius of about a meter around outside of their skulls. For that matter, I don’t think all adults are either… but with them I can’t blame their parents quite as much.